Anika Kerimova: How to choose office clothes

If you are a bank employee, your choice of clothes for work is clearly not great. But if you’re in a more creative position, and yet you’re in an office, you can find a pretty decent look for every day. Designer Anika Kerimova gave some tips on this topic.

Anika Kerimova: How to make red a friend, not an enemy

There is no more complicated, provocative and insidious color than red. Fashion designers claim it goes to every single woman, regardless of skin type, age, and shape. Let’s not be so gullible as not to be ridiculous. How to make red in clothes an ally, not an enemy? What is the right combination and which[…]

Anika Kerimova: whether to buy white boots

Having white boots in your closet must have been something every girl thought of. For many, such shoes are a symbol of grace, elegance and luxury, and this season white boots have become a trend. However, even the most notorious women of fashion refrain from this purchase for several reasons: white boots are not practical,[…]

Anika Kerimova: Denim shorts — Trend of summer 2019

Denim shorts are the backbone of every girl’s fashionable summer wardrobe. This summer you can wear them not only to the beach, but also to a business meeting or a social event — the main thing is to choose the right couple. Fendi offers to wear classic overdressed shorts, decorated with a light line, paired[…]

Anika Kerimova: The main shoe trends of the summer

The summer is well under way, and the holiday season for many has already begun, and some are just going to vacation. To be fully armed in the hot season, you need to stock up on fashionable summer shoes. Designer Anika Kerimova collected 10 main shoe trends of the spring-summer 2019 season — from muels[…]

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Anika Kerimova: Antitrends that should’t stay in your wardrobe

It can be difficult to keep track of fashion changes, sometimes before you know it, and half your wardrobe is yesterday. So with ultra-cool things, you should always be careful, because other trends live no longer than one season. Sometimes you need professional advice. Designer Anika Kerimova talked about things that had long gone out[…]

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Fashion TV named Anika Kerimova’s Fashion House the best in Russia

The Fashion TV award ceremony took place in Moscow. This evening, the brightest representatives of the fashion world gathered here. The award ceremony from the Fashion TV channel took place in Moscow. The brightest representatives of the fashion world gathered here this evening. The star designer Anika Kerimova received a prestigious award in the nomination[…]

Anika Kerimova: Be bright and wear the clothes you are comfortable in!

The famous designer Anika Kerimova regularly pampers fashionistas with luxurious clothes. The other day, she presented a new collection in Monaco. About the main fashionable trends of this year, as well as about its complicated way in the world of fashion and work with Natalya Bochkareva, Natasha Koroleva, Anastasia Volochkova and other celebrities, Anika frankly[…]

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What to wear in spring 2021 — 7 types of clothes you need this season

Any transition from the cold season to the warm season brings not only the long-awaited renewal, but also fresh trends. Spring 2021 will be no exception, and now we will work out with designer Anika Kerimova what the dressers will wear in the coming months. Leather The first and most current trend of this spring[…]

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